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Contracting to have the Matt Ortt Companies manage and run the Yacht Club and Beach Club has made a huge improvement to the decor, service, food, finances and customer satisfaction at both facilities.

Ocean Pines Clubs Committee

The smaller projects are just as important as the big ones to Matt. He came in to our establishment to help create a more functional kitchen space. We couldn't be more pleased with how the changes have helped us work more efficiently.

Raymond Kudabeck

The Matt Ortt group has done an amazing job on all of their restaurants. All of Chef Stu's creations are delicious and the level or service you experience couldn't be any better. Job well done!

Rose Felty

Thank you to Matt Ortt and his staff. Both the Beach Club and Yacht Club have made such an improvement. I've been here more in the last few weeks than ever before. Thanks again!

Pat Eyre Volrath

Food was delicious, service was very good, atmosphere was wonderful. So grateful that Matt Ortt was brought in to manage this important asset.

Ann Marie D'Onofrio Luce

When I'm in the OC area, I follow the brand- Matt Ortt Companies. I'm confident that at their restaurants I'll be treated to an amazing meal and an experience that I'll want to recommend to my friends and family.

John Delaney

Can't say enough great things about the Matt Ortt group for doing such an awesome job overall. Food is great. Service is great. Decor is great. Oh, and did I say food is great? Five star all the way. 

Shelly and Stephen